• Amanda is an Art Director at Primacy, a full-service design agency. She has done brand design and motion work at Percolate, CMYK+WHITE and The Metropolitan Museum of Art and holds a master’s degree from Pratt Institute’s Communications Design Program. Prior to becoming a designer, Amanda studied neuroscience at Columbia University and conducted Alzheimer’s Disease research at Columbia Medical Center. Her scientific background grounds her design process and work in the fundamentals of human cognition and emotion.
    She is the creator of DesignJam, CREATIVE HABIT and co-founder of Ship Your Side Project.

    As a 2016 TED Resident, she recently founded The Leading Strand to bring the disparate worlds of design and science together to serve the greater good by translating important research through visual experiences.
    Her writing on the neuroscience of viral content has been featured on, and her piece on captivating audiences with motion for Percolate was picked up by and the #6 most shared Percolate post of 2015.