Polly is a web-based application for women. Talk to Polly, tell her your troubles and she'll try her best to make you feel better with images, video, infographics, a little sound advice.
Branding, UI/UX, Web Design
  • pmsPolly evolved from an in-depth analysis of various existing web-based apps that track and record data. The findings pointed towards a lack of interaction between the app and the user.
    So, Polly aims to bridge that gap. By allowing Polly to specifically respond to user input with written text and a moodboard of imagery dependent on user preferences this application adds more depth to simply recording data about yourself.
  • The most user-friendly way to display the images and video seemed to be in a grid, so access will be easy, clean and efficent. Also, the reload of images, should the user not like what is initally presented, would be simple.