Ship Your Side Project
Ship Your Side Project is a 6 week side project accelerator for mid-career tech and creative professionals
Branding, Entrepreneurship
  • Ship Your Side Project is a 6 Week Side Project Accelerator course run by myself and my co-founder for mid-career tech and creative professionals. 
    Ship Your Side Project offers a group of 30 professionals a chance to make significant progress on their side projects through clarity, accountability, and community.
    The program lasts six weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 28) with each week's theme and activities building on the last one. Participants should be prepared to devote at least 5 hours per week to the program and their side projects.
    Each week includes 2-3 actionable assignments, a video interview with a successful side project professional, and a Google hangout to discuss challenges, questions, and other issues.
    Below is a sampling of the graphics and visuals created for the course.