The Optimism Kit
Ever wondered what makes you and everyone else happy? Here's the science behind it, wrapped up in a nice little box.

Also, the project strictly uses Adobe Caslon Pro, a workhorse typeface that like neuroscience may seem dry but presented the right way can be playful and fun.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
  • This project is based on the research of Tali Sharot and the Optimism Bias. It includes a book, a stack of “Pass on the Happy” cards and a poster all wrapped up in a little kit. It is a comprehensive look into what statistically makes us happy and what we think makes us happy.
  • Call it a pessimist’s primer if you may. This little book is filled with infographics, text and original illustrations to complement.
  • Pass these cards along to friends, family or even strangers to brighten someone’s day. The barcode on the back is a link to a video full of interviews of what makes people happy.
  • This poster details what makes 30 randomly interviewed people of all ages happy.